Travel in 2020 - Are you crazy?

One of the things that we love to do most here at Beloved Threads, is TRAVEL. Whether with our families or just our spouses. A question we get a lot is.. "Why are you traveling with a pandemic going on?". Honestly that's a personal decision for everyone. Of the travels we've done this year, we've been taking our own precautions as well as researching the precautions that hotels and resorts are taking.

The prices for flights and resorts right now are extremely competitive, and frankly, after this sort of year, we felt that we desperately needed either family or couple's getaways for our own sanity. After a year filled with school closings, e-learning, closed daycare/summer camps, and general quarantine, we were ready to step away out of our day-to-day realities for some much needed R&R.  

(stay tuned for the next blog post about our most beloved travel tips)

Everywhere we have traveled (even out of the country to Mexico) we've felt extremely safe - safer than we have even at home at the grocery or department store. We generally prefer "all-inclusive" resorts and tend to stay local at the resort and not venture off property, even prior to the pandemic. These resorts are going above and beyond to ensure safety.

For air travel, this is the trickiest part of a vacation. Not all airlines have accommodated the concept of social distancing. But, they definitely do a good job about being diligent about contagion - strongly enforcing masks, cleaning protocols between flights, and limiting contact services in flight. We bring our own sanitizers (wipes and spray) with us and take a few minutes to wipe/spray down our areas. Everyone else is doing the same!

Within the US, we don't have the "all-inclusive" concept, so when traveling (especially with our families) to various locations, we try to mimic the "all-inclusive" feel and minimize our outings where possible. We've mostly stayed at rental properties that have the feel of an apartment or house, equipped with a kitchen and living areas (thank you VRBO!) and pool. We try to eat (most) meals in, bring games and small toys or crafts for entertainment, watch movies. Our point in a vacation is to be TOGETHER and as unplugged as we possibly can. 

Traveling isn't an option for everyone and that is completely understandable. If you aren't able to travel, you can still enjoy the perks of travel (FUN and TOGETHERNESS) by changing things up at home as a staycation: 

  • Turn off the cell phones or at least mandating a technology free period of time. 
  • Changing up the sleeping arrangements by moving to the guest bedroom or "camping out" in your living room/other bedrooms.
  • Get take-out or delivery so that you don't have to worry about cooking or dishes. 
  • Setup a family movie night. There are limited "new" movies right now, but we've found this as a great opportunity to introduce our kid to classics from our childhood (Back to the Future was a big hit, as was The Sandlot). 
  • Order a new family game. We love games at home and the one that we have enjoyed the most recently was Loteria (spanish bingo). The kids loved learning new words. 
  • No pool, no problem! Setup a sprinkler or make your own slip n slide. Nothing will make your kids laugh more than watching you fly down the yard on a soapy tarp (although, stock up on Advil beforehand)!
  • Setup a family scavenger hunt. A great app called Goose Chase has been a HUGE hit around here to setup a neighborhood hunt. 
  • Family competitions like an obstacle course. We took turns - kids vs adults and each setup our own courses for each other. The kids took a LOT of pride in the fact that they beat us EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. 
  • Fun activities like: making slime, tie dying (we tie dyed masks for back to school), cooking lessons for the kids to make their own lunches and snacks, learning new skills together as a family. 


Whether you're ready to jet-set or staying local, its important for us as individuals and as parents/families to decompress mentally from our every day lives to be the best version of ourselves for all of those around us. Take every opportunity to enjoy yourself, your spouse, your family. We hope you love these ideas and the feedback about travel concerns! 

Be. Loved!