Our Most Beloved Travel Tips

Here at Beloved Threads, we love travel. Its one of the many inspirations behind our store.. we were always on the hunt for affordable and stylish travel wear and travel accessories. Here are just a few of our top travel tips! 

  1. Checklist - The last thing you want to do is forget something crucial. Make a packing checklist ahead of time and save it - use it every time you travel. As you decide you don't need things anymore or keep forgetting something, add it to your "master" list. I keep mine on my phone in my "Notes" and use it for every vacay. I actually have two versions - one with kids, one without! 
  2. Toiletries - Stock up on travel size toiletries and extras and keep them packed at all times - shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer, lotion, q-tips, first aid supplies, deodorants, etc. Next time you go to buy a new one, just buy an extra (or two)for your travel kit. Once you come home, if you're running low on something, fill it up or replace with a new one. It will make things SO MUCH EASIER the day of departure, and you'll forget a lot less stuff. 
  3. Carry-On - Whenever possible, exclusively use carry ons and don't check y our bags. I know, it seems impossible and sometimes it is when you need a lot, but it will make your arrival go much faster. If traveling out of the country, you will be able to get through customs and immigration on both sides 10x faster. And, you'll save a ton in checked bag fees, where applicable. If you normally check bags because of full size items like sunscreen, consider buying them once you get to your destination. You may pay a bit more, but its probably cheaper than the checked bag fee! 
  4. Checked Bag Options - If you must check a bag, pack at least one day's essentials in a carry on. Nothing stinks worse than being on vacation and having nothing to wear and no supplies. And, also consider half and half packing - putting part of your stuff in your spouses bag or vice versa. It will be a godsend if one bag gets lost and the other doesn't. 
  5. Packing - Let's be honest, you probably need about HALF of what you have packed. If you're traveling all inclusive, all you really need is swimsuit, coverup and dinner wear on a daily basis. Try re-wearing an outfit if you're only in it for a few hours. Trust me, no one will care that you're repeating outfits. If you're packing for adventure with day-time and night-time clothes, a little mix and match goes a long way. Adding new earrings & long necklace and some wedges (like these) make an easy day to night transition. Or, a casual dress that can triple as a cover up, day trip, or evening wear like this sleeveless lace mini dress
  6. TSA Pre-check/Global Entry - If you hope to travel internationally at least 2-3 times over the next 5 years, Global Entry is amazing. You literally skip all the lines returning to the US. It will save no short of 1-2 hours. If you travel domestically at least once a year, TSA Pre-check is amazing, not just because the line is shorter, but you can also keep your shoes on and dont usually have to take out your electronics like ipad, laptops, etc. Its a small investment ($100-$150 estimated) but are usually good for at least 5 years. Don't delay though, sometimes it can take months to get an appointment for approval, so do it now before your next trip is scheduled. 
  7. Passports & Renewal - If you don't have a passport, get one. Even if you don't think you need it. You just never know when you have a last minute opportunity to travel to a dream destination. Its also great for additional identification when needed (i.e. drivers license replacement). If you have a passport, make CERTAIN that you check on the renewal and file for it at least 6-8 months BEFORE it expires. Passport renewals are delayed right now because of the pandemic, but if you find yourself in a crunch with time and waiting, reach out to your local Congressman/woman. The help expedite passports and renewals. And, yes, speaking from experience there. Also, keep a copy of your documents, even a pic or scan and email them to yourself, just in case you need to make an emergency visit to a consulate. 
  8. Emergency Medicine - Keep a stash of common OTC meds with you when you travel, or keep it packed with your toiletry kit. Nothing can be worse than needing meds and not being able to get to a store quickly to get some. Think: Pain relievers, gas or stomach meds, antacids, cold/flu, etc. Even if its only a couple of doses, it will bridge you until you can get to a store. Also keep a couple of prescribed/maintenance medicines handy. If you lose your regular bottle, you will at least have a couple to get by with. And Ladies - Always, always, travel with a couple of feminine product options with you. Cause, you just never know! 
  9. Upgrades/Discounts - Don't be afraid to ask the hotel or resort for any discounts on upgrades, service packages like spa treatments, complimentary services for anniversary/birthday/honeymooners, etc. It doesn't hurt to ask. Heck, you can even ask the airline what options there are for a business or first class upgrade at a discounted rate. Often times, those classes have open seats that they will give to "members", but if you're willing to pay for it, even at a deep discount, you can get preference. 
  10. Credit Card Points - When traveling, book your travel with a "point" system credit card. I prefer Citi's American cards and Southwest's Rapid Rewards cards, depending on who I am flying with. I also charge all of my expenses to it when traveling. Not only does it help you budget to pay for it, but you were already going to spend it anyway, so you might as well get points for it! You'll find yourself able to get a free flight or an upgrade with those points! 
  11. Travel Snacks - Anywhere I go, I always carry a reusable water bottle to fill up at the resort or airport, and a couple of snacks, like peanut butter crackers or a granola bar, just in case I am getting shaky or hangry. 
  12. Money - Always travel with at least some cash on hand. Using local currency isn't always required, and often times is preferred to have US dollars as locals can hold onto them until the exchange rate improves. If you plan to use a card, contact your bank in advance that you will be traveling out of the country so that your card isn't blocked for fraud. And, have a back up card, just in case. 
  13. Outlet Converter - This is becoming a bit of a thing in the past, many hotels now accommodate standard electronics plug ins. But, be sure to ask the hotel first if they are compatible. I plugged my FAVORITE curling iron in while in Portugal as it looked like it was compatible and turned on for about 10 seconds, then it burnt out and was ruined. This applies mostly to European travel. 
  14. Take Pictures - Be diligent in taking as many pictures as possible and include yourself as much as you can. Its easy to forget when relaxing or taking in the sights, but you will be glad you did after your travels are over.
  15. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS - If you somewhere and it feels "off", trust that you're right and get someplace else. Be vigilant in familiarizing yourself with your surroundings first and stay in groups as much as humanly possible. 

We hope you find these travel tips useful and informative for your next trip!