About Us....

We wanted to share a little bit about ourselves: who we are, our passion and our vision for this boutique. Its not just business for us, this is personal, so we wanted you to get to know us just a little bit better. 

We are Katrina and Leslie. Two soul sisters who might as well be related. We're wives, we're moms, we're fun and crazy. Between the two of us, we have SIX kids ranging from 1-14 years old. We're on the go a lot - from kids sports to crazy adventures, its never a dull moment between the two of us. Katrina comes from sales and marketing in the hospitality industry and Leslie from product management in the software/tech industry. We've been powerhouse bossbabes in every sense of the word and have  complimentary and diverse experience to bring this venture forward. 

Long story short, we both wanted something different and something for ourselves that we're both passionate about that we can throw ourselves into. It started as a pet project that has grown into such a fun and amazing opportunity. One of the things that we love, and love to do together, is travel. Whether with our husbands, a group of girlfriends, or with our families. You'll see us pop in here from time to time on the go to our next big adventure.  And, as women, we absolutely love all things fashion.

Our hope is to continue to blend the two together, putting together just the right quality products, at a reasonable price - whether you're running errands, out for a date night, sitting at the baseball field at your kid's game, or (we hope) planning the perfect outfit for your next big adventure, we want to be there with you! Supporting you and empowering you to be the best version of yourself. In fact, that is just part of the inspiration for our namesake, Beloved. As "beloved" friends taking this and many adventures together, to remind us to love ourselves, and to inspire to love others. As women, we're gorgeous and perfect just as we are, so why not do it in our most BeLOVED Threads. 

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures and thanks for stopping by to learn a little about us! 


XOXO - Katrina and Leslie